HDC Behaviour, run by experienced animal behaviour consultant Susan Gammage, provides a compassionate, scientific-based service to help owners who have problems with dog behaviour.

Dog Behaviour Problems

Behaviour problems can arise when our dogs do not understand what we require of them, or they are not fully comfortable in their environment, so by assessing what dogs need, and with the use of positive reinforcement, we can help our dogs to become better adjusted to our way of living.
Dog behaviour problems include aggression to people, aggression to other dogs, growling, biting, chewing, destructive behaviour, toileting in house, barking, digging, separation anxiety, fearfulness, pulling on lead, self-mutilation Contact us to discuss your dog’s behavioural problem, and a way forward for you and your dog

Dog Behaviour Consultations

We will contact your vet before the consultation to gain any medical information that may be relevant.

  • Consultations take between one to two hours.
  • A full history and daily routine will be required for assessing the problem.
  • Displays of the behavioural problem will not be required.
  • An individual behaviour modification programme for your dog will be agreed upon between owner and behaviourist.

A report giving details of the behaviour modification programme will be forwarded to the referring vet.

Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation:£165
Follow-up Consultation:£65
Travel:45p per mile from TN7 4EA
Full behaviour report:£50