HDC Behaviour is run by animal behaviour consultant Susan Gammage. Having studied with the Natural Animal Centre for 7 years, Susan has gained qualifications in Equine Behaviour, Canine Behaviour and Feline Behaviour and follows the Natural Animal Centre ethics of using positive reinforcement in behaviour modification programmes, and in training programmes.

Having also studied Psychology and Biological Psychology this give a broader base to be able to understand the problems that some dogs face with coping with everyday events.

Susan is pleased to announce that she has completed and pass with a distinction the COAPE  Higher Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training http://www.coape.org/cdp1.html and is now a member of CAPBT.

Continuing to keep up to date with new research relating to learning theory to enable us to use the most reliable and compassionate methods for training animals.

Continuing to update her knowledge on the most recent research on animal behaviour, by looking at how animals live in their natural conditions, and then being able to pass this information on to clients so they can gain a broader view of their pet’s behaviour.

Susan has owned animals for most of her life, from horses to tortoises. Has studied with a variety of groups, and researched many training methods, came to the conclusion that using positive reinforcement methods to help animals is a kind and very successful way to reach in to an animals mind.